October 22sd is a great day to be in Kyoto (Jidai-Matsuri) and Kurama (Hi-Matsuri). The site of the later festival is absolutely exciting. Take the Train from Demachi-Yanagi until the last station. Arrive early and warmly dressed because there are lots of people and it gets quite chilly at night. The big torches are lighted at dark and the participants parade up and down a couple of long streets reciting a mantra like sound to scare the demons away. The climax happens when all the torches are aligned in the stairs going up the temple in the mountain.

Our camera encounters the devils that night and the troubleshooting did not allow us to take that many pictures. So please refer to the following website for great pictures of this event : http://samuraidave.wordpress.com/2007/03/20/japanese-fire-festival-on-kyotos-mt-kurama/