Real action for the Poorest:

“Hope at the Hilton Week”

April 12th to the 19th

You keep saying you care for the planet and its sustainability, right? What about the people who live on it? You do too, aren’t you? So, here are some original ways to show it and help to its sustainability without digging too deep into your pocket. Hope International Japan wants to reach to you during the “Hope at the Hilton Week” from April 12th to the 19th in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The international community as well as all Japanese is invited to join in this global effort to support the poor nations to bring dignity and development to its populations. The beauty of this operation is a win-win relation on all fronts; you can even be acting from the comfort of your home.

Travel and Leisure Auction Event

For example, you can access the online Travel & Leisure Auction on the following link: The auction opens at noon on April 12th and closes at 18:00 P.M. on April 19th. There will be over 40 Hilton Packages up for bid plus a few other interesting items including adventure holidays in Japan, a trek bicycle, etc. Check the prizes you can win: See the Prizes.

Help While Having a Hair Cut for a Fair Price

You can have a Hair Cut for just 2000 yen and 100% of the money goes to HOPE. Book the date on your agenda and have your hair done for a fair price and help other earth citizens to drink clean water. This event is held all day on Monday, April 13th, from 10 A.M. to 18:00 P.M.
Call this number: 052-204-0530 or send a request at:

What is Hope International Development Agency

Hope is an International Non-Profit Organization who supports dedicated volunteers from all over the world and focuses its mission on the urgent needs of the poorest of us on the planet. The organization targets 1 million people in Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and South East Asia with their urgent and crucial needs. We all have an opportunity, here, to do something about it during the “Hope at the Hilton Week” Events. Learn more about this organization:

Soon: A Sayonara Sale on Line for Hope Projects

The international community on Japan will be happy to know that Hope will soon launch a permanent online “Sayonara Sale website” where to sell its recycled goods and its sayonara sale items. Earnings from these sales will then be turned to Hope projects. Keep an eye on this very practical service to come.

What else can you do:

Please talk about this Hope at the Hilton Week in the coming days. Get the poster and spread the news: Click here to get the poster.
Watch a video on YOUTUBE: Hope Water Japan
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