Earth Hour in Japan was too bright

Here is a short follow-up to earth hour in Japan. I tried to monitor some newspaper and other media about this event in Japan. It was not a big concern, I found. So here is a video about this worldwide event that start in Sydney in 2007. Will Japan be more involved in 2010? We should hope so. Click on this link to watch a 3:13 minute good video on this event.

Special Earth Hour Sutra

Candles at Fushimi Inari Kyoto

Candles at Fushimi Inari Kyoto

I visited the Earth Hour Web Site and wanted to use the widget showing the time left before the Earth Hour , selection by country. On the roll down selector, I realized Japan was not on the list then (it has been corrected since). Whatsoever, some friends invited us over and we decided that we will bring candles for this very special moment. If you read this article in time, remember to switch off your light for one hour Saturday night, march 28th, wherever you are on the planet. The gesture is to show your support and vote for the planet. If you keep the light on, you are actually voting for the Global Warming.
A candle light gives us some inner peace. If you live in a city, watch the skyline change for a little while. We might save energy during this hour, but the target here is different: the world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen, they must get the message of 1 billion earth voters. Leave a trace of what you think. Visit the Earth Hour website and vote in one way or another.
Vote Earth and find out How on this link

Did you see any difference?